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Sally's Room

Sally’s Room was founded in 2014 with the intention to create spaces of freedom through scent and light. Through our candles and diffusers, we transform every space into a room of rest and a haven to recharge, so we may start creating afresh.

At Sally’s room, creative freedom comes to life. Awaken and calm your senses as you explore the world of waxes, scents, colours, and even decorative trinkets and crystals, with our wide range of workshops and classes. Each candle you make in Sally's Room is celebrated for the effort and thought behind its creation, and for its uniqueness—free expression, tailor-made for you, by you.

Create moments, experiences, and candles with your friends and loved ones.

Who Is Sally?

Sally is no one, yet everyone. She’s a facet that exists in all of us—a part of us that desires a break, rest, adequate amounts of me-time away from all the chatter, blaring noises, expectations, and demands of city life. Sally is our craving for creative exploration, and free expression in a safe space. 

This is the Room Sally finds Freedom.